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Commercial Lighting Design – More Light Isn’t Always Better

It wasn’t long ago that simply increasing the amount of light was the primary goal of most commercial lighting projects particularly when it came to replacing or upgrading fluorescent and HID lights.  However, the latest generation of LED lights and smart controls have changed the game.  Not only are they more efficient but they are […]

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The Color Rendering Index

Lighting terms can have long-winded explanations and probably confuse even Edison himself, but we promise they each bring something unique to the table. There are lumens candlepower and color temperature but one term that is important is the Color Rendering Index (CRI).  Developed by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in 1964 was the worldwide […]

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LED Lights to Save Airports Big Bucks

LED lights are all around us. They illuminate our homes, our cars, and our businesses. But did you know they are vital in the world of medicine, too?  Apple and researchers at Stanford Medicine are collaborating on a study to see if the Apple Watch heart rate sensor is capable of identifying irregular heart rhythms […]