How Advances in Lighting Controls Technology continues to drive Operational Savings

Efficient lighting controls continue to evolve with advancements in technology and an increased focus on energy efficiency. Here are some new developments in the field: Overall, efficient lighting controls are becoming more intelligent, user-centric, and cost-effective. Enabling greater energy savings, comfort, and convenience in both commercial and residential applications.

7 Benefits of Building Automation Controls (BAC)

Building Automation Controls: lowering maintenance costs while increasing productivity Building Automation Controls (BAC) can significantly lower maintenance costs and increase productivity for a business in several ways: Overall, Building Automation Controls provide a holistic approach to managing building operations, leading to lower maintenance costs, increased productivity, and improved sustainability for businesses.

EV Charger

We are happy to announce the installation of our EV charger in front of our headquarters at 2750 US 40. For the first few weeks we are offering free charging for anyone who wants to stop over and check out the installation and learn a little more about the various incentives and the business case […]

Incentives for Businesses

Justin Smith, Proposal Manager, and Tuan Hoang, General Manager, were invited to present to the Evendale Chamber of Commerce and educate its members on the financial benefits available to local business owners interested in implementing Energy Efficiency upgrades in their facilities. The provided examples of how utilizing the recently revised Federal Tax Incentives (EPACT 179D […]

Incentives to install EV charging

Tax incentives for installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers can vary depending on your location, as different countries and states/provinces may have different programs. Here are some examples of tax incentives for installing EV chargers:

Approved Ink Stamp

Get That Lighting Project Approved in 2021 – Here’s How

If you are looking for a little help getting approval for a commercial lighting project you found it!  A tax law change may be the added incentive to get that project approval across the finish line.  What is the Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency tax deduction?  The 179D – Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction primarily […]

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