Providing an attractive, inviting, and safe space is very important. Whether you own the facility and want to improve operations in your office or you are trying to attract new tenants, modern energy efficient lighting is important. 

  • Increase tenant attraction, retention
  • Increase property values
  • Comply with energy regulations
  • Improve facility aesthetics
  • Remote management of building lighting
  • Parking lot safety
  • Safely re-opening post-COVID
  • Optimize building occupancy

Take advantage of all the benefits of LED Lighting & Controls integration at all of your commercial properties – Financial Institutions and Office Buildings.

CSL is a full-service provider offering expert lighting design including project management, energy audits, lighting retrofits, control systems integration, utility incentive management & preventive maintenance that will optimize spending, occupant productivity, and safety while effectively integrating with existing building and energy management systems.

We’ll help identify and design the best solution for your commercial operations. 

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