Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the spread of infectious agents, and high energy and maintenance costs are real challenges impacting facilities in just about every industry today. The good news, there are a variety of proven and affordable solutions available now that use a specific ultraviolet light wavelength – UVC to disinfect both surfaces and air pathogens with Fixed (Upper-Air Lighting or HVAC) or Mobile units in Occupied or Unoccupied spaces.

UVC Light Solutions include:

  • HVAC – AHU (Air Handling Unit)
  • Mobile AHU
  • Upper-room
  • Surface sanitization – mobile or fixed, occupied, or unoccupied spaces

UVC or GUV (Germicidal UV) lighting has been commercially available since the 1930s as a proven germicidal technology that safely and effectively irradicates surface and air pathogens like bacteria and viruses such as SARS and COVID-19. UVC lighting is in use today at schools, hospitals, health clubs, manufacturing, public transportation, and in many other applications along with chemical disinfection regimens to effectively provide security and peace of mind.

Design. Our Lighting Engineers will consult with you to design a tailored GUV lighting solution based on your specific sanitization needs. With the design, you receive a Scope of Work, Scheduling, Payback, and ROI analysis and to ensure you have all the information and understand the relevant details of the proposed design.

Installation. The Install Team includes experienced project managers and lighting technicians that ensure the installation around your schedule goes smoothly without disruption to the operations of your business.

Commission. This is a vital part of the installation, especially with UVC light solutions. Our team measures and validates your new GUV lighting to ensure it performs as designed and intended.

Service and Periodic Maintenance. As a partner, we are with you beyond installation. To protect and get the most of your new GUV lighting CSL handles warranty management and offers several Service Plans for your system that provide you with peace of mind that your investment is running as efficiently and effectively as designed for many years ahead.

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