Reducing energy usage and costs is only one reason that modern energy-efficient lighting is the choice of schools all over the country.  Studies have shown staff productivity and student engagement increases in well-lit spaces.  Here are several reasons why you should consider an upgrade.

School Building Lighting and Energy
  • Improve student learning outcomes
  • Improve faculty & staff productivity
  • Ensure safety
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce operating & maintenance costs
  • Accreditation & regulatory compliance 

Leverage the cost-effectiveness of LED lighting at your educational, institutional, or government facility. 

CSL is a one-stop provider offering expert lighting project design services, energy audits, financing, utility incentive/warranty management, and preventive maintenance programs that will optimize your operating budget and ROI while maximizing learning, productivity, and safety.  

With our consultative approach, we’ll design the best solution for your institution while complying with all relevant accreditation, protocols, and regulatory requirements.  

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