Smart Buildings use advanced lighting control systems and IoT to leverage energy and operational efficiencies.   We partner with you at every step from design, installation, commission to periodic maintenance to custom design your Smart Building solution.  

Benefits include improved:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Occupant Comfort
  • Employee Productivity
  • Building System Integration

Design.  Our design engineers seek to understand your specific needs and business goals to develop a custom-tailored design. Smart Building design provides many benefits, one of which is generating data. Today businesses use this data to help make more intelligent and informed business decisions.  Lighting control systems and IoT solutions are used in all types of facilities to achieve:  

Wondering what your new lighting system will look like?  With our 3D Modeling and Photometric Planning, you will be able to see specific illumination levels throughout your entire facility. Additionally, Scope of Work, Scheduling, Payback, and ROI analysis are provided to ensure you have all the information and understand the relevant details of the proposed design. 

Control Systems – the addition of lighting controls improves energy and operational functionality. Lighting control system design takes into consideration:

    • Regulatory and Building Code compliance
    • Optimal Light Levels
    • Network, Bluetooth, IoT Connectivity
    • Utility Incentives
    • Energy and Building Management System Integration

Energy Efficiency improvements – maximize energy savings while reducing carbon emissions.

Daylight Harvesting – The capability to automatically affect the operation of lighting based on the amount of daylight and/or ambient light that is present in a space.

Occupancy Sensing -The capability to affect the operation of lighting or other equipment based on detecting the presence or absence of people in a space. This can be done by individual light or by zone.

Scheduling -The capability to automatically affect the operation of lighting based on time of day.

Demand Response -The capability to reduce the energy consumption of a lighting system, in a pre-defined way, on a temporary basis, in response to a demand response signal.

Energy Monitor -The ability of a device to report its own energy consumption, or the energy consumption of any controlled device via direct measurement or other methodology.

Operational Functionality improvements –make your work areas more functional.

    • Remote Diagnostics -The ability to monitor, diagnose and report operational performance including system and/or component failures.
    • Data Logging and Analytics -The ability of the system to store and report information about the system’s use over time.
    • Emergency Lighting Integration -The ability to integrate emergency lighting into the system through battery backup or another method.
    • Building Systems Integration -The ability to exchange data with other building systems such as Building or Energy Management Systems (BMS/EMS), Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), security/fire systems, or other lighting systems.
    • Network -The capability of individual luminaires and control devices to exchange digital data with other luminaires and control devices in a system.
    • Local Processing -The capability of sensors and luminaires to execute pre-programmed energy-saving strategies without a separate central control unit.
    • User Interface – An advanced interface for reading and adjusting control system settings during the system start-up, commissioning, and normal operation of the system. Includes the ability to uniquely identify and adjust each individual luminaire, sensor, controller, and user interface device in the lighting system.

Installation and Commission.  The CSL Installation Team ensures installation goes smoothly and that all elements of the control system perform interactively and continuously according to the design and your project’s needs.  Control system training and education are provided so you understand and get the most benefit from your new investment. 

Education and Training. As a partner, we are with you beyond installation. Post-installation your CSL Project Team will ensure you have the proper education and training so you understand exactly how to operate your new lighting system. Of course, we are just an email or phone call away should any questions come up.

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