Why EV?

“The future of transportation in the United States is Electric! In Q3 of 2023 alone, Electrified Vehicles (EVs) jumped to a record breaking 17.7% market share of new car sales and by 2030 Electric Vehicles will account for 62% of all new cars sold in the U.S. This can also be translated to the U.S. needing 28 million EV Charging ports to meet demand for zero -emission passenger vehicles.

(Sources Electric Vehicle Sales and Market Share (US – Updated Monthly) – CarEdge    A Tale of Two Tomorrows in EV Sales | BCG) https://www.mckinsey.com/features/mckinsey-center-for-future-mobility/our-insights/can-public-ev-fast-charging-stations-be-profitable-in-the-united-states

With the number of EV’s on the road growing daily, this presents forward thinking businesses, non-profits, & local governments alike with the opportunity to stay “ahead of the curve” while enjoying the immediate benefits of providing EV charging at their properties. Benefits of EV:
  • Grow Customer Base – Gain market visibility for your business by showing up on EV charging maps and appeal to an enthusiastic & loyal consumer segment of EV owners!
  • Attract & Retain Tenants – Appeal directly to EV owners looking for a complex that offers it’s tenants a place to charge their cars as a daily amenity.
  • Recruit Innovative Talent – Attracting and retaining talented workforce is increasingly difficult. Set your workplace above the rest by providing charging for your employees.
  • Increase Customer Spend – As EV owners wait for their cars to charge, this increases the average time spent shopping time spent in your business thus increasing their overall customer spend.
  • Meet Sustainability Goals – Providing EV charging stations demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.
  • Increase Property Value – Adding EV charging capability & electrical infrastructure improvements adds value to your property by expanding overall utility of the asset and widening the pool of potential buyers.
  • Add Revenue Stream – Diversify & strengthen the reoccurring revenue coming into your business by charging for the kWh used by EV drivers to charge their vehicles.
  • Improve Local Air Quality – The less fossil fuels burned directly in your community means a higher air quality for everyone
  • Market your brand in your Community – Utilize your EV charging capability to market your business’s commitment to a green future and promote special deals to EV drivers!
Embrace this market change and position your organization for success by making EV Charging technology available at your properties today!

Our Process to EV Implementation

    • Consultative Approach: At CSL Technology Solutions we pride ourselves on proposing custom EV solutions specific to your organization’s needs! Let us help you by answering our online EV Questionnaire here , emailing us at EV@csl-tech.com , or give us a call at 1 (937) 667-4421.


    • Site Survey: After understanding more about your EV Charging needs, we will schedule a site survey to visit your facilities first hand and obtain the following information to provide your team with a custom-designed solution:
      • Determine preferred locations of chargers
      • Locate currently available & potential power sources
      • Identify the most cost-effective locations
      • Current vs future demand analysis & future infrastructure planning


    • EV Proposal Design: Design is where we shine! With the site survey information & your feedback, our experienced Design Team will get to work creating a custom EV proposal for you. We identify and incorporate any applicable utility rebates, Federal/State/Local tax incentives, financing options, any required electrical permitting, turn-key installation & commissioning costs. We have partnered with several charging equipment manufacturers and charging networks to be able to provide you with the right EV solution for your properties.


    • EV Proposal Review: After completing your EV proposal, we will work to schedule time with you and your team to review the proposed EV solutions and answer any questions you may have! In this meeting we will expressly cover in detail the following:
      • Identified EV charging station location(s) per site
      • Selected charging equipment manufacturer & rationale
      • Project scope of work & specifications
      • Any alternative designs or discussed options
      • Project specific pricing


    • Signed Agreement: Once we have answered all of your questions & you are ready to move forward with the proposed project, simply sign our proposal agreement and we will begin the EV installation process! This starts with CSL applying for all required permits for the project by state & local jurisdictions. This initial permitting process usually takes 1-2 months before approval is received.


  • Turn-Key Installation & Project Management: After we have received approval from the appropriate building departments and have mobilized the required materials, we will coordinate with you & your team begin site installation! At CSL we firmly believe in “doing it right the first time” by prioritizing safety, dedicating ourselves to quality, and minimizing our impact to each site before, during and after our installs. Upon completion, we will work with your designated team members and instruct them on how they may set station pricing, track important charging data, restrict/grant charging station access, and review any other precedent charging station capabilities or preventative maintenance measures depending upon your agreement.

Why Partner with CSL?

From our humble beginnings in 1977 as a distributor of lighting supplies, CSL Technology Solutions has grown into a Turn-Key Facility Solutions provider through a committed team of passionate, experienced, & diverse industry professionals! We are committed to designing the right solutions for our customers and building long-term partnerships.  We know the right solution is the one that integrates how your business operates and maximizes the value of your investment. Above all, we are dedicated to Safety, Quality, Trust & Efficiency.

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