Retail locations have been hit very hard by the recent global environment along with competition from online services.  Providing an inviting and attractive shopping or dining experience is more important than ever.  There are many ways that lighting can enhance and grow your business.

Retail lighting
  • Improves aesthetics & safety Increases foot traffic & revenue
  • Highlight and ensure corporate branding looks Its best
  • Sign design & repair 
  • Installation without disruption
  • Color tuning options put products in best light
  • Drive revenue growth with controls technology that provides data insight on customer traffic patterns
  • Periodic maintenance programs ensure your lights always look their best 


Put your brand in its best light, increase foot traffic, improve safety, while reducing energy and maintenance costs.  Take advantage of the many benefits LED lighting & technology offers at all of your retail locations – merchandisers, specialty food, pharmacies, gas stations, auto dealerships, big box retailers, and convenience stores.

CSL has extensive experience servicing retail businesses with just a few locations to those with hundreds of locations.  Best-in-class services include internal and external lighting retrofits, sign repair, on-site inventory stocking, control system integration & comprehensive preventive maintenance programs that make life easier for store managers.

With our consultative approach, we’ll help identify and design the best solution for your retail operations keeping your brand image looking the best it can, providing a uniform and safe inviting environment for your customers while lowering your overall operating costs.  And all work completed without any disruption with your daily business. 

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