While building owners, facility, and operations managers all understand the importance of proper lighting, it can be challenging to find the time to regularly inspect for proper lighting throughout the entire facility. It also takes valuable time to verify you have the correct supplies on hand should a light go out.

CSL can eliminate the burden of lighting maintenance so you have time to spend on more important aspects of your business.

  • Company-Owned Bucket Trucks & Lifts.  For those hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Interior & Exterior Services.  If it’s lighting related we can help.
  • LED & Driver Replacement.  We use the latest in LED technogy.
  • Lamp & Ballast Replacement.  Older parts…no problem, we’ll fix it.
  • Troubleshooting.  Efficient diagnosis and solution.
  • Warranty Management.  We deal directly with the manufacturer so you don’t have to.
  • On-Call & Periodic Maintenance Services.  Flexible maintenance plans to fit your needs without disrupting your business operations.  
  • Sign Repair. Keep your brand business or brand looking its best.

CSL manages commercial lighting maintenance for all building types. The average commercial facility contains different lighting types: security lights, exit lights, decorative lights, canopy lights, and task lights. 

Whether you have a single facility or hundreds, CSL can help you create a maintenance plan that includes scheduling services and supplies for all of the lighting types in your building.  Having the peace of mind that your lighting is running smoothly allows you to do what you do…run your business.  

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