In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, who has time to think about lighting?  There are many ways that a lighting improvement project can help your productivity while reducing your overhead.  

Warehouse Lighting
  • Optimize lighting levels for worker safety, ergonomics, and productivity
  • EMS, Smart Building integration
  • Sustainability
  • Operational efficiency gained through data gathering
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Asset tracking and management

Take advantage of all the benefits of Smart Building and lighting design at your industrial properties – distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing, logistics and transportation facilities.

CSL is a full-service provider offering expert lighting design, project management, energy audits, and utility incentive/warranty management that will optimize your operating cost per sq. ft. and ROI while maximizing employee productivity, safety, and organizational sustainability goals.  The benefits of Smart Buildings go beyond financial.  Effectively integrated with existing BMS and EMS, Smart Buildings provide data insights that drive more informed business decisions to optimize organizational performance.  

With our consultative process, we’ll help identify and design the best solution for your industrial operations!

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