Are you wasting money on energy? Do you know your EUI?

The Energy Use Index (EUI) is a measurement of energy usage for a facility.  It is specifically calibrated to separate usage across industries and building types and is a quick way to determine if you are best in class, or have room for improvement.

Do you need an Energy Analysis?

An energy analysis will take a look at all of your energy bills and consumption.  

  • Are your utility bills perceived as high?
  • Are you taking advantage of new government programs or regulations?
  • Do you have an energy management program?
  • Have you benchmarked against other facilities?

A good energy program uses the Continuous Improvement Model.  Let us help show you how.

We start with a comprehensive energy audit.  This allows us to work with you to identify waste elimination and conservation projects, starting with the most low risk and low cost opportunities.  Together we can then plan the scope and boundaries of the project and develop an action plan. Finally, we implement the project and verify the results, helping you with any tax incentive paperwork. 


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