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Countless millions of dollars are spent every year as businesses strive to create the most productive and beneficial work environment for their employees. Fast Company, a leading business magazine, has even compiled the results of multiple studies in an effort to explain the science behind creating the ideal work environment. And one of the critical factors in maximizing productivity is lighting. 

LEDs and Employee Productivity

office lighting options to optimize productivity

The great flexibility offered by LEDs in addition to the cost benefits makes LED lighting a choice that keeps owners, managers, and employees happy and performing at their peak.  Light that is too dim or too harsh has been found to be equally as detrimental. Both cause eye strain and headaches which make it difficult to focus. Good natural lighting has been found to be optimal but it is not always an option for all workplaces. The number one choice for generated light has been found to be LED lighting which offers many of the benefits of natural light as well as a few that even natural light does not offer.  

LEDs and Lighting Controls

The ability to control LED lighting offers many benefits. Unlike natural light entering a space and flooding it with light, LED lighting can be turned to cast light in a specific direction. This allows the light to be efficiently focused in a work area without the need for deflectors or diffusers which diminish efficiency. The level of light being emitted can also be controlled allowing for brighter light when needed but also less light for lower detail work. This feature has a great impact on reducing eye strain and increasing productivity.  Light color temperature is not a common concept for most consumers who are purchasing lighting for their homes. But in a professional environment, light color temperature is critical. The term is referring to the quality of the light and not an actual thermal or physical temperature. White light which tends toward the yellow or gold spectrum is considered warm while white light on the blue end of the spectrum is considered cool. Cooler temperature lighting is beneficial in areas of detailed work or reading while retail spaces are found to be more comfortable when lit with a warmer color light source. LED lighting is uniquely able to meet these varying needs with a single light source. 

LED-The Right Light for the Job 

LED lighting offers great versatility at a very affordable cost. Employers are able to install a single fixture and adapt the lighting to meet the specific needs of each work area. This attention to detail provides workers with optimal working conditions as well as reducing the potential for eye strain and headaches making each worker more productive.

For more information on lighting impacts on employee productivity and well-being, contact CSL.

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