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Is there anything better than helping the earth by going green and preserving our environment?

Why Recycle Light Bulbs?

There are several different reasons why recycling lighting products is important.  Fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury inside of them (especially the newer energy-efficient CFL bulbs).  Throwing them carelessly into the trash can, dumpster or compactor can cause them to break and release toxic gases into the air.  The material from the bulbs, such as glass and metal, can also be reused to manufacture new bulbs. 

On top of all that, it may even be illegal in your area to dispose of a bulb improperly. Your local jurisdictions may regulate strict guidelines on recycling.  If you are stumped on how to recycle your fluorescent bulbs, simply store them in a safe place until you find a feasible way to dispose of them.  If it is legal in your area to put your bulbs with your household trash, then simply put the used bulb in a zip-lock bag and seal securely.  If they break, this helps ensure that the mercury won’t be released into the air.  Hardware shops and lighting supply retailers often collect old bulbs for recycling.  Contact them first to see if they have a drop-off center. Manufactures also offer mail-back packages that you can purchase, fill up with old bulbs and drop off at the post office.  To find a waste collecting agency in your area, please visit Earth911.  


Everyone Wins!

With every project, CSL properly disposes of and recycles all lighting materials according to state and local regulations.  If you do your own maintenance or lighting upgrade remember to cycle bulbs properly so WE ALL BENEFIT!

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